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    Pulsing compression on blu-ray m4v output

    mikeboas Level 1

      I've seen this problem with compression on DVDs before, but not sure what I've done to solve it.  Now I've got an 80 minute output file for blu-ray, and in some areas, there is a subtle pulsing every half a second.


      I've already got what I thought were good compression settings:

      VBR 2 pass

      target bit rate: 30

      high bit rate: 35


      Searching online, I see mostly threads talking about DVD compression, not Blu-ray.  But the suggestions have been:

      (1) Change your GOP from 15 to 7.

      (2) Switch to Constant bit rate (CBR).


      First off, I'm new to Premiere CS6, and I don't see a way to change the GOP anywhere.


      Secondly, do I dare export a CBR file at 35mbps?  Is that going to make Blu-ray players work too hard and freeze up?