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    Scene7 Publishing


      I am having trouble with the scene7 integration with CQ.  Most everything seems to be working fine, I can drop in and image and click publish, the image will then appear in the scene7 media portal, however in the author view the image will never change status to complete, if I reload the page it says check scene7 status, when I click that it says uploading, and this happens for every image, none of them ever complete. 


      I added some debug logging to the /etc/workflow/scripts/uploadScene7Asset.ecma script and it appears that the response from the call to scene7.uploadFile is just "Failed" with no reason for the failure.  I have tried this with two different scene7 accounts to try to rule that out.  Also I have turned on debug logging for all workflow classes, as well as the scene7 service class.  Part of the output of the scene7 service is


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <!DOCTYPE ips [

      <!ELEMENT ips (data? , exception?)>

      <!ELEMENT data (job , asset*)>

      <!ATTLIST asset name CDATA #REQUIRED>

      <!ATTLIST asset type CDATA #REQUIRED>

      <!ATTLIST asset master CDATA #REQUIRED>

      <!ATTLIST asset handle CDATA #REQUIRED>

      <!ELEMENT job (result)*>

      <!ATTLIST job name CDATA #REQUIRED>

      <!ATTLIST job handle CDATA #REQUIRED>

      <!ELEMENT result EMPTY>

      <!ATTLIST result type CDATA #REQUIRED>

      <!ATTLIST result description CDATA #REQUIRED>

      <!ELEMENT exception EMPTY>

      <!ATTLIST exception value CDATA #REQUIRED>




                          <job name="CQ5_upload-2012-08-28T21-48-45_winter.jpg" handle="j|74065||CQ5_upload-2012-08-28T21-48-45_winter.jpg|10892879"/>




      It looks like everything should be working, anyone have any advice?



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          Sham HC Level 7

          Please try with installing 5.5 update1 and  cq-5.5.0-hotfix-NPR-2068. 

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            sammussell Level 1

            Thank you for the reply, I ended up submitting a ticket to Daycare and they provided the hotfix you mentioned and everything is working.


            Is there someplace where I could have downloaded that hotfix?  I searched pretty extensively before posting here and submitting a support ticket.  It is pretty frustrating that the product can have such a very major bug and yet the hotfix is like a closely garded secret. 

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              Sham HC Level 7

              Sorry for the inconvience caused.   Actually it is timing issue the bug was identified after Service pack 1 released and I see it is included to be part of next service pack 2 release.  Going forward you can refer for all service pack release at [1].  The package will be available for download from package share.     The process is improving a lot compared to 5.4 that all service pack are cummulative & includes  the major bug & will be documented at docs.day.com.


              [1]   http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current.html#Exploring%20the%20CQ%20Platform