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    Camera Raw adjustment screen is black


      I'm a Creative Cloud subscriber, using Mac OS 10.8.1. For some reason, when I open a raw image in ACR, the adjustment screen displays a black backgrond. Black text on a black background. The slider bars show up, but I can't read the labels, and have to go from memory. I uninstalled and then re-installed Photoshop CS6, tried to find where ACR;s prefs are located so I can try trashing them and so forth - all to no avail. This just started about a week ago and its driving me nuts.


      Any ideas?

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          Most likely a GPU/video driver glitch.


          Have you made sure you have the latest version of ACR?

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            jamaio Level 1

            Don't think so. I have the latest 7.1 ACR version and the GPU/Video works just fine for everything else. Once I convert the RAW file and start working in PS6 it all looks fine there too. If it helps, I can do a screen grab of the wierd ACR panel and post it here. Like I said, everything was working fine post 10.8 installation untill about a week ago.


            Even when I go to PS6 preferences and select Camera Raw this black background control panel for ACR shows up. I downloaded the 7.2 Release but can't seem to find where to select it to see if that works. I seem to remember being able to select different versions of ACR from the ACR control panel but that must be obscured by the descibed glitch too.


            How can I completely uninstall and reinstall  ACR? Seems like the updates are patches now.


            Thanks for any help

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              jamaio Level 1

              So FWIW, I solved my problem by re-installing the MAC OS 10.8.1 operating system. Have no idea why this happened but I'm glad its working again. Thanks for trying to help.

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                jamaio Level 1

                I thought I had this problem fixed, but its back. I'm running OS 10.8.2.




                There must be a hidden file somewhere that controls the background of these panels. Black on Black is impossible to work with. Any ideas?