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    Adding layer effect (Color overlay etc.) messes with 3D sorting.


      Bit of a weird one and as far as I can tell must be a bug.


      I have a complex 3D flythrough (branches, leaves etc. of a tree) created from 2D Photoshop files.

      I wanted to add a little bit of tint to some of the layers using a colour overlay.

      As soon as I apply it the layer seems to jump to the back of the composition ignoring its sorting according to it's position on the Z.


      The workaround I found was to re-arange the comp so as the layers are in the order that they are layered

      i.e. applying the style seems to make the layer revert back to 2D sorting so putting the layer that I flythrough first on top pops it back to the front.


      However since my camera moves back and forth in the Z plane of the comp this doesn't work in all instances.

      So for some I have had to pre-comp the offending layers and do the colour tweaks in there.

      Not a huge mission but not ideal for fine tuning.


      Wondered if anyone has a fix or just an explaination would be good.






      My system is brand new so oven fresh installs of everything.


      After Effects CS6

      Windows 7 Ultimate

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz

      32 Gigs Ram

      Nvidia GTX 690

      Solid State drive for system and cache.

      1Tb Mirror for project files.