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    Predicate in pathfiled


      I am using predicate in the pathfield  to restrict the file types.my problem is, i have folder which is having list of files like mp3,jpg,gif,etc....

      As per my req,I want to display only mp3 files.


      computer - mouse.jpg,monitor.mp3,keyboard.gif


      Predicate checks every child of corresponding folder(computer)

      when checking mouse.jpg, predicate returns false as its not a mp3 file

      monitor.mp3-predicate returns true as its a mp3 file

      keyboard.gif - predicate returns false as its not a mp3 file


      Predicates maintains only last returned value(true/false),if it returns true,the folder(computer) displays in the pathfield

      if it returns false,the folder(computer) missing in the pathfield.


      Its not considering the already returned status ,its maintaining only the last returned status.

      If you add any mp3 file at last in that folder.predicate is working as expected...


      Please help me to resolve this issue