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    multiclip conforming workaround

    Sebastian Gross Level 1

      hello there,


      i am working on a solid multicam project these days and i ran into pretty much the same obstacles as being pointed out in this thread.


      in short: i found out that the only way matching frames from a multiclip sequence back to its source is:



      "when i hit "F" on this sequence, final cut would pop up the underlying source clip in the source monitor (including IN/OUT)  immidiately, but premiere doesn't.

      premiere pops up the multiclip in the source monitor and highlights the angle i chose (NOT the soure clip, e.g. MVI_5091.mov).


      result: my "conforming" get's bumpy for as i always have to:


      - go to the multicam sequence first (ctrl+shift+f)

      - target the right track (which gives way to human errors and takes aeons with 16 tracks)

      - hit "F" (to get what i initially wanted...the source clip!)

      - mark the IN

      - add a couple of frames

      - mark OUT

      - get back to my sequence

      - paste this selection above the MC_track and finally:

      - align the cut "


      furthermore you just can't collapse multiclips like you would in fcp.


      another problem is that i rendered my proxies in 720p but my finish is 1080p, just because i didn't need it any bigger than that and for i'm new to premiere i unfortunately wasn't aware of the cannot-change-it-later circumstance.


      so i end up with a nested 720p sequence, which i cannot change into 1080p.


      so the question i have is:


      is there any way to tell my multicam sequence that the nested sequence it's pointing to is another one (newly created 1080p sequence) now?


      any suggestions appreciated.



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          At this point the best suggestion I can make is to forget your FCP work flow.  Things are just different now that you're using PP.


          For starters, don't edit with proxies.  Always use the original media.


          Second, as you've noticed, trying to send out a multicam sequence to external grading apps is a PITA, so until Adobe works out a proper Dynamic Link work flow with SpeedGrade, just don't do that.  Use the tools built-in to PP, or add some third party tools like Colorista II and Looks.  With the addition of Adjustment layers in CS6, you can now do a whole lot more with CC and grading right inside of PP.

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            Sebastian Gross Level 1

            hey jim,


            thanks for your answer, although i want reply to certain parts of it


            i surely can leave behind what i got used to using FCP. but what you certainly can't eradicate are workflows that pros are used to in postproduction.


            "..don't edit with proxies" is sometimes not an alternative, e.g. when your dealing with multicamera setups that easily break the 1TB barrier. the cuda engine makes this aspect work better, but if you're on a system that just doesn't have the juice (or you're in a remote place with someone elses imac and the production just doesn't care how just about the when) you're bound to workflows that heve proven themselves in the last decade. and i might add, there are systems/programs that easily handle this task (because it's there for a reason), which inevitably leads to the question: why isn't this working in PP?

            the program just can't dictate the way to go, the demand does.


            not being able to conform (another part of a literally ancient workflow) to a proper .xml because i can't switch back to my source footage (or just in a fiddly, completely illogic and unecessary way) is -being honest- like someone just either didn't listen or didn't know.


            and using the color correction capabilities that are built in might be "nice" from adobe's POV, but not form a clients/operators POV.

            being able to communicate with other programs like davinci flawlessly should't be an upgrade it should be a simple option - just like in any other PROgram.


            to me adobe's CS6 is a giant leap forward in terms of speed, usabilty and interoperabilty between the separate apps.

            but PP should get a simple upgrade imho: take every workflow known to postproduction, put it in and start from there.

            they can't afford to NOT have it included.


            again, thanks for your reply for it showed me not being wrong.


            still trying to trick the program.



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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              they can't afford to NOT have it included.


              I'm sure Adobe would agree with you.  But they can only do so much as a time, and they do seem to prioritize according to demand.  So, go ahead and demand...



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                KGCW Level 1

                Hi Sebastian.


                The only way I found to send a multicam edit to Resolve is to send a flattened file and then slice it with scene detect and an EDL. Using the EDL makes it almost instantaneous and perfectly accurate (but you'll have to export your EDL from a prep'ed sequence with a single video track where you only have your fully collapsed video clips with cut transition only and no audio). If you need cross transitions, you'll have to export the flattened clip with enough handles at transition point and recreate them manually inside Resolve. Conforming nightmare ...


                Until Adobe listen and comes up with a "collapse multicam" equivalent, forget any idea of a round-tripping workflow with a multicam edit.


                What's even more frustrating is that everything is there when you export an XML from a multicam edit, just not where it should to be understandable by something like Resolve. And Adobe have Wes Plate from Automatic Duck who might happen to know a thing or two about XML and AAF.


                Feature request already sent a few month ago by the way.



                but PP should get a simple upgrade imho: take every workflow known to postproduction, put it in and start from there.



                Did you read my mind ?


                Premiere Pro CS6 is a performance beast and incredibly enjoyable to edit with. With the proper attention given to the -mostly- workflow related issues it might bury alive the other NLEs.