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    Deleting images and instances in added subforms

    Mathias Wilkens



      I have an inspection report that our employees fill out when making repairs.




      The user can add photos to the form and add extra pages if there are more than 2 photos.


      Page 1 = Frontpage

      Page 2 = Photo page

      Page 3 = Photo page


      On page 3 I have added three buttons:


      add page (adds another page for photos)

      delete image (deletes the image)

      delete page (deletes the entire page)



      My problem is that the user should be able to delete single photos from the form and delete individual pages.


      At the moment, when I click "Delete Image" or "Delete Page" on one of the added subforms, the form deletes the entries from Page 3 and not the entries on the specific subform.