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    Text area not accepting whitespaces

    katrienj Level 1

      Hello, I've tried searching the day websites but cannot find any hints to what's going wrong, so I try here now instead.


      Here is a description of the problem:


      We have a customized component that accepts texts via a textarea. This component works fine until recently when we added a very long piece of text into the textarea (60K characters). What happened is that it no longer accepts whitespaces now if we want to edit that text. It does accept any other character though.


      I thought it could be the length of the text, but why would it then accept any other character and just not accept the whitespace?


      Please note, it does accept whitespace when I truncate the text entered to a smaller chunk.


      Anyone any idea what's causing this. The text we're entering does contain HTML code.


      Many thanks for your clues, hints, tips!