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    Disc menu text distorted

    chrisge87 Level 1

      I have a problem with the menu text and scene images being distorted and blurry. I simply clicked on 'disc menus' and chose 'outdoor wedding' and entered a main title with a bit of text (standard font) and the text and images looks terrible in the preview and the text is badly distorted in the finished burned DVD.


      The footage was shot with a Panasonic HDC-SD60 at HA1920 in PAL. I have not mixed any other format of footage in the project. There is just one still image at the end that I created in PE and I have created a title at the beginning of the footage against a black to fading in image. The title is just text.


      The footage itself seems fine on the finished DVD, it's just the disc menu looks awful and it's just a standard disc menu option without any real tweaking. I find adding and adjusting text to this menu to be very unuser friendly, so I've stuck to the standard font and tried not to muck about with it too much. (On a slight detour - all my scenes start from a fade in so all the scene images are black. I try to adjust the green dots on the timeline and this changes the images on the scenes menu but it also starts the scenes from here. Is there a way to add a picture to these scene boxes without it starting from there?)




      Untitled-2 copy.jpg


      Any help offered is great appreciated thanks.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Just to confirm, you're making a DVD, not a BluRay disc, right?


          If that is the case, try this: Before you add your menus, use Share/Computer/AVI to output a DV-AVI of your movie.


          Open a new project, one set up for DV Widescreen video and add your video to its timeline. Use this timeline to add  your DVD Menu Markers and Menus. Your results should be perfect!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Steve's suggestion to edit your HD (High Definition) Project, with no Menus, and then Export/Share to a DV-AVI, to be Imported into an SD (Standard Definition) Project for authoring to DVD. Then, choose a Menu Set that matches your Project, either Standard 4:3, or Widescreen 16:9.


            Remember, however, that when you go from HD to SD, you are reducing the resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 720 x 480 (NTSC), so you are down-rezzing to about 25% of the initial resolution. The footage will NEVER look as good, as it did in HD. That cannot be avoided.


            Good luck,



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              chrisge87 Level 1

              Thank you I will try that later today when I have a chance. I had wanted to make an HD and an SD version of the same project as it will be going to different people. Is it best just not to put a menu on the HD version? I would like to if I can.




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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                The workflow that I would use would be:


                1. Create a New Project in HD to match the Source Footage 100%
                2. Edit, Saving along the way
                3. When finished, do a Save_As, changing the name a bit, like adding "final_HD" to it
                4. Do all of the BD authoring in that Project, with HD Menu Sets, etc.
                5. Burn to BD from that Save_As Project
                6. Go back to the original Project (before the Save_As), Open it, and Export/Share to DV-AVI w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio
                7. Create a New Project in DV (NTSC, or PAL), in Widescreen 16:9 w/ 48KHz 16-bit Audio
                8. Import the DV-AVI
                9. Edit, if necessary, but probably not
                10. Do all of the DVD authoring in that Project, with Widescreen Menu Sets, etc.
                11. Burn to DVD, using only high-quality blank media, like Verbatim, Taiyo-Yuden or Falcon Pro


                Hope that helps,