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    InDesign overrides table attributes at creation

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      This is for CS4. I have a problem at table creation. I first noticed the issue with table styles I had created and then looked at a default table style ("Basic Table"), and it exhibits the same issue. When I insert a table in my document, even if I choose the "Basic Table" style, InDesign creates a Basic Table where the Cell Style (which is "None" for Basic Table) has an override. The override is that it consistantly picks a paragraph style I have created.


      (In fact, in the custom table style I had created, InDesign did not even apply the cell styles associated to that custom table style, instead, it applied the default cell style "None" adding to it the same local paragraph style override mentioned earlier!).

      I also notice now that every new Text Frame I create comes with this custom paragraph style at creation (same that appears in the tables).


      I cannot figure out why InDesign overrides this attribute without any action on my part.

      Any pointers on how I can find out the root cause would be helpful.