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    How select text range

    Bill joy Level 1


      I want to select some text in a textframe.

      I am using this method


      but characters.ItemByRange();

      give error member not found if I am using long Integer as a parameter in this.

      for example my text is AdobeIndesign and i want to select Indesign in AdobeIndesign.



      How use characters.ItemByRange() to select text.

      or there is another method to select a text range.

      How use character or String type parameter in characters.ItemByRange()




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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Bill – with the "select()" method you can work in two ways:


          1. Use it with the app object like that:


          var whatToSelect = textFrame.characters.itemByRange(6,13);



          2. Work from the object you want to select and replace any selected object with that object:


          var whatToSelect = textFrame.characters.itemByRange(6,13);




          You can address the object directly with a variable without selecting anything and instead do something with it (in this case assigning a fill color):


          var whatToAddress = textFrame.characters.itemByRange(6,13);

          whatToAddress.fillColor = "Yellow";



          Also see InDesign JavaScript Reference Guides at:




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            vDeepak Level 1

            Hi Bill,


            1. You need to refer to first item of the result of ItemByRange. and

            2. Use character objects(startCharacter, endCharacter) as parameter for itemByRange function.


            Try this...


            var startCh = tframe.paragraphs[0].characters[5];

            var endCh = tframe.paragraphs[0].characters[12];