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    Signature/trust/cerificate/HMRC corporation tax return




      I am trying to complete a CT600 corporation tax return via HMRC website but I am unable to progress through the form because of an autosave error message which arises due to trust settings which have not been activated.


      I followed adobe help which stated I would need to amend the certificate settings and validate the signature. I followed these steps and validated the signature. This did not resolve the issue.


      I checked the support forums and found that there was HMRC advice on the issue.The HMRC guidance states that certain settings must be applied to the certificate or signature before validation. I did not apply the correct settings and now I am unable to amend the settings (the settings I am referring to are those which are illustrated by the red and green ticks on the manage certificates screen.


      Please help by confirming how I can change settings once a signature has been validated.


      Kind Regards