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    Locale swc packages other than provided in Fb4.6

    Lite Solultions

      Hi all,


      Since this is our first contribution to the forum, I'll introduce me: my name is Nacho and I work for LiteSolutions (which is the owner of the account). We use Fb4.6 to develop mobile apps.


      Since we have to develop this apps focusing in the internationalization, we have added to the flex project build path some of the provided locale frameworks like, for example, en_US, fr_FR, es_ES or zh_CN. Unfortunately, for the app we are developing right now, we need some extra locales that are not provided in the Fb4.6 product such as arabic, indonesiand, vienamese or en_UK.


      Is it planned to release some of these locale plugins? After a quick search in the forum (http://forums.adobe.com/message/2315815#2315815) I understand that it's possible to build them by our own. Is it really necessary? In this case, is there a tutorial other than the mentioned thread?


      Kind regards,