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    Mailing Labels


      I need to create mailing/address labels.  There will be multiple addressees and most likely mutiple pages using Avery 5160.  We are using coldfusion as the front end and oracle as the backend.  My thought is to use an avery 5160 template which I found on the web, insert text fields for the database fields and somehow merge.  But I'm not sure if this is the right way to approach it OR if this is the way to approach it...how?  Do I set up each label with the text fields for the name, address etc. this would be 3 labels across and 10 down for a total of 30? We have Livecycle Designer ES 8.2 and Acrobat Prof 9 to use.




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          Eclipse Corp



          Do you own LC Output?   Do you need to print high volume of these lables or just a few pages at a time?


          If you do not own LC Output, do you plan to just generate these labels once in a while having them merge into an acrobat form and then manuall print them to a local printer?