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    Hyperlinks in spark RichEditableText issue!?!




      I found a really annoying bug in RichEditableText control. Has anyone tried to set a fixed width and textAlign to "center" or "right" (actually anything other then "left") while the text control contains a hyperlink? If you try this you will notice that you cant click on the hyperlink as expected...very strange behavior and its causing headache. Has anyone a solution?



      Here is a simple example, if you wish:


      <s:RichEditableText x="10" y="10" width="500" backgroundColor="0xCDCDCD" editable="false" selectable="true" textAlign="center">




                          <s:TextLayoutFormat color="#33cc00" textDecoration="underline"/>


                      <s:p>Here is <s:a href="http://adobe.com">Adobe home page</s:a> for everyone.</s:p>