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    maximum 24 overlapping transparent layers


      The maximum amount of overlapping layers containing transparency in Flash 8 is 24. I have been told that this only applies to loaded assets, and that it is possible to use more layers if the assets are in the library, does anyone know if this is possible and why this would be so?

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          Rothrock Level 5
          Well it used to be 10 and it was only if you wanted to have them anti-aliased. If you set the _quality to "LOW" you would keep the transparency, but most likely have other issues.

          Up through Flash 7 it was a hold over from Flash 4 when _alpha was introduced. At the time, 1999, computers weren't generally powerful enough to handle all the math needed for rendering alpha and antialiasing, and all the other stuff the player needed to do. So (and this is just my understanding from using Flash for a long time) the designers decided to have a hard coded array of 10 items that would receive the special alpha and anti-aliasing attention. More than that and caplueee. (I how do you spell that?)

          Anyways with Flash 8 they finally did extend that, but evidently not infinately.

          My guess is it is still going to apply to any bitmap assets whether they be dynamic or in the library. I would guess that Flash drawn vector content (movieclips and graphics, that don't contain bitmaps) will be fine. Of course there may be ways to use the BitMap class or runtime bitmap caching to help with this. But I really haven't run into this problem since 2001.

          So what are you actually trying to do and what is the problem you are running into?