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    Rendered sequence video is flipped vertically, dimmed and b&w

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      Hi community!  I searched, but all instances I found of similar behavior were either on much older versions or else had unique circumstances...


      I keep seeing odd behavior of my footage in the timeline.  All of my clips begin in AE CS6, which I then export as the default AVI Uncompressed container/codec (no alpha).  I am trying to assemble a rough edit video in Premiere CS6, but when I "Render entire work area" to see my preview playback smooth, the video changes to upside-down and black & white.


      In addition, all .mov h.264 clips that I import (which were exported from AE CS6 on PC) are always this way; even before I render them.  To be clear, all of these clips completely normal when played independently in VLC.


      Premiere glitch.PNG


      I am using Premiere CS6 along with AE CS6.  Both are up to date.  My system is a PC running Windows 7, Intel i7 2600k, ATI 6970 GPU, 16GB Ram...


      Thanks for any insight!