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    Getting 4 movies to play (preloader?)

      I started off thinking I was doing a good thing by breaking my movie down into 4 distinct movies (movie1.swf, movie2.swf, movie3.swf, movie4.swf).

      What I had envisioned is that the site would load and play movie1.swf and then transition to movie2.swf and so forth.

      I couldn't figure out how to do this with these external .swf files. I've read through the forums here and found dozens and dozens of preloader examples, which I tried out, but nothing would work.

      Does anyone know how to do this?

      Please help...
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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          I would use the MovieClipLoader class to load your external into a holder, and tell it to stop();, then once your swf gets to the final frame, instruct it to play();. Like so:

          load movie2.swf on the first frame on movie1.swf, tell movie2.swf to stop once its loaded. final frame of movie1.swf, tell movie2.swf to play. first frame of movie2.swf load movie3.swf, tell it to stop once loaded. final frame of movie2.swf, tell movie3.swf to play.. and so on...

          Here's an example of using MovieClipLoader. In the onLoadInit function is where you would tell the container to stop();
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            Vanadael Level 1
            I must be doing something wrong.

            I created a new layer in Movie1.swf and on the first frame of that layer, I put the following:

            Then on the last frame of the layer in Movie1.swf, I just put in a play();

            What happens, is Movie1.swf now just plays Movie2.swf... It won't play itself...

            I must be doing something wrong here...