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    Push notification - iOS and Android




      I was searching how to implement a push notification in flex mobile project.


      During my search i found that Adobe AIR SDK 3.4 support push notification for iOS; but for android there a native extension called C2DM, but unfortunaltelly it had been deprecated.


      In order to usser AIR 3.4 SDK i did an overlay for my Flex 4.6.0 SDK


      I have two question.


      The first one:

      Is there any thrid party where it implements GCM (Google Cloud messaging for Android).



      Second Question:

      How flex builder, or the app, will know when to execute the code that i am going to write for iOS.


      Thank you




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          Zorgonski Level 1

          Hey man if you are interested:


          Here is a FREE Adobe Air extension for GCM messaging. It is fully working (implemented in Google Play marketed app) and there is an example provided in the package.


          It also fetches the payload not only on "resume" but also when the app starts (after being closed by user or Android OS) You can download it here: http://wp.me/p2Inzv-9


          I made it after i couldn't find anything viable on the web.