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    Skew motion tween - unexpected results


      Hi everyone,


      Many moons ago, I created some Flash banner ads for a client. Part of the design was that text was skewed as part of a motion tween along with horizontal blur to give the effect of inertia. I don't have the .fla's anymore - but I do have the .swf's and the effect looks great.


      Having not used Flash for a couple of years, I now need to reproduce the same effect for another client. However in CS5.5 I am getting unexpected results. As I move the mouse from left to right to skew the object in question, I get more or less skew, while the height of the object remains the same (as I expected). But when I tween from unskewed, to skewed, the height of the object changes dramatically during the transition, extending outwards from the origin, then back to the orignal value. The resulting effect looks like a very odd half-rotate-half-skew. The only way to achieve the desired effect as per the older version of flash, is to insert a keyframe on each frame of the tween and reset the height by hand. Obviously this is far too time consuming as a workaround.


      Am I just being an idiot?! Am I missing something really obvious? Or does the skew effect not operate quite the same way as previous?


      Thanks in advance for any help, this is driving me round the bend