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    Save all user input in one file named by user


      After many hours i still am not closer to an answer.

      I have to do a desktop software for an assignment. I am making a novel writing software using adobe flash builder 4.5. Now there are textareas in my app that the users has to type into. I dont understand how to save the users input into an single file that he can then load again to continue his work. If he starts a new project it must load all fields as empty again and save to a new folder.


      I get saving a single component to a text file and laoding that again. But what if you have 10 texteditors in your application one for the one characters history, and one for the other characters history etc. How do I save all that input into one xml file.


      I hope this question makes sense. I don't mind learning if I just know where to go.


      (add on thought) for instance I have a TabNavigator with Character, World, Objects and Editor tabs. Each tab has user input that all needs to be saved under a user defined filename.  How do I go about doing that?