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    State transition via button shows in Preview mode, but not when in Run mode?

    eemaus5 Level 1

      I am new to Flash Catalyst (using 5.5) but have picked it up fairly well over the last week. I am working using an existing project, and I am to add to the project in the format that has already been determined. That being said, I have really only learned what I needed to in order to complete the tasks given to me. So far, I have not had any problems aside from "on click" transitions from one state to another.


      I created a button and then added an interaction in which "on click" of the button, there would be a .75s fade out to another state in the project. There are already "on click" button transitions of this exact type in the project, and from what I can tell the interaction settings and smooth transition settings of the new button I created seem to match to those of the existing.


      Here's the thing: the transition works properly when clicking the preview button in timeline, but it is when clicking File > Run Project that the transition no longer seems to work. Instead of the .75s fade out that is shown in the preview, the transition is a stark and immediate switch to the next state. So the actual transition from one state to the other is correct, just not aesthetically correct, as there is no fade.


      I have tried copying and pasting an existing and working button with a correctly functioning transition from an exisisting state to the new one, but when I change the text of the copied button, it is linked to the existing button whose text also changes. This is even when the previous button was unselected and only the new state was selected.


      What could be preventing the transition from happening properly in Run mode when it appears to be working correctly in Preview? Is this a glitch of some sort or am I missing a step/some information? Of all of the new things I've learned to do in Catalyst, this seems to be the easiest one, yet for some reason the hardest to execute.


      My apologies for being so long winded, this is just driving me nuts, and at the risk of wasting time, I wanted to provide as much info as possible.






      In case anyone was suffering a similar problem, the solution is simple: Select your desired state transition (State 1    >   State 3) in the "Timelines" panel. Then select the button being used to incite the transition by clicking on it in the area where your state is being previewed. Then click "Smooth Transition". Simple enough, and the transition should now run when in Run mode.