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    Trouble with color change effect


      I am new to After Effects, and tried a basic color change effect on one of my video clips. My attempt was to try and change the blue flag to red for about 4to 5 seconds and then back to blue.

      The end result looks pretty shabby. When the change from blue to red happens, the surrounding pixels get red dots, also some of the blue remains blue and if i try to change that to red via a second color change effect, the surrounding landscape turns red.


      Here's a link to my video:




      Here's what I did:

      1) After making my footage as the Composition, i renamed it layer1 and Corrected my exposure and color on My original footage to remove the bluish white balance on the entire video.

      2) Then i copy pasted that layer and renamed it layer 2 placing it below layer 1.

      3) On Layer1- Made a mask outlining the flag and ensured the mask path does not stray away from the flag by using keyframes.

      4) For mask opacity i set 1st keyframe at 0 seconds at 100%, then 2nd keyframe was set to 100% on just 1 frame before my color change is supposed to end. 3rd keyframe is set to 0% on the immediate next frame.

      5) I used the color change effect on the Layer 1 with the mask. Keyframed it at no value on 0 seconds and again to no value just 1 frame before color changee is supposed to happen. Next keyframe is on the next frame with the color change effect fed in. Placed the next keyframe for 4 seconds later with the same color effect. Then shifted 1 frame ahead and reset the color change back to the original.


      Basically the color change takes place at the right time etc, only the red pixels smear the surrounding pixels. Any help on how it can be done better?


      P.S. Sorry admin, I tried posting my video link via the code recommended but it was not showing up, so i put in my youtube code itself.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are so many tone variations in the blue flag that Change Color is probably not the effect you should be using.


          If you have already rotoscoped the layer (cut out the flag) then I'd apply a slight feather to the copy, apply tint, and then animate the opacity of the copy.


          You could also use an adjustment layer. Here's a screenshot of your flag with an adjustment layer that's masked (rotoscoped) and tint is applied. You could also use Hue/Saturation. Change Color just isn't a good choice with such highly compressed and soft footage.


          Screen Shot 2012-08-29 at 12.27.24 PM.png

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            Oh that's a smarter way of doing it.Thanks. Ill use an adjustment layer.


            What i had done to save time and trouble, was that I did not mask the flag exactly at its edges. I left a few milimetres gap on all its sides so that when the clip moves, i would not have to adjust the mask after every frame. I had to change the mask position only after like every 15-20 frames.

            (I tried using motion tracking prior to that, but my end result was a disaster and my clip used to end up with 1 red flag and 1 blue flag because the upper layer followed some crazy motion points instead of the ones i set).


            Now in the work you have there, what is the easiest way of making the mask follow the flag and not move out of boundaries?