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    How do I import an aaf with consolidated media?


      I am trying to import an aaf from avid that I have created.  When I created the aaf, I consolidated the media and converted everything to wav so Premiere would be able to read it.  After importing into premiere all the media is offline and it asks to relink.  Unfortunately, it wants to relink the ORIGINAL source media that I dropped into the avid.  As an examble I had a file titled Music_Score.MP3.  When I created the aaf and converted to wav, avid created new media and named it Music_SC28895a334a.WAV  (this is normal for avid).  But now Premiere wants to link to the Music_Score.MP3 file and not the new media, Music_SC28895a334a.WAV.  How do I get it to link back to the new media I've created?  I can't link it by filename being that it's changed and even if I manually select the track it won't link being that premiere wants to link back to the original stereo track not the new dual mono that avid has created.  Thanks.