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    Working android apps now crash after Mountain Lion upgrade


      I've developed two air for android apps that are on the market using Adobe Air/ Flash Builder..



      I just purchased a new mac laptop with Mountain Lion which is a big upgrade over my old machine.



      The problem is, when I loaded my old project folders into Flash Builder 4.6 on my new machine, they compile fine with no errors.



      When I hit run, it begins to export the app to the Android device like normal, it then tuns the device's screen black as if the app is starting... then crashes.



      If I hit debug, it starts the connection countdown and never connects to the debugger. Then it turns black and crashes just as before.



      It doesn't give me any errors at all. I can't run it in the simulator because it has extensions that break it.



      Just as a test, I started a new project and ran that on my phone, and it worked perfectly. So it's only the old projects that won't work..



      What's crazy is the same exact project folder, if i put it on a USB drive, put it on my old copmuter, or my friends Macbook with Lion, export it to android to the same Android device...it works!...





      I've already tried the following:



      - Re-installed flashbuilder 4.6, installed 4.7 and test with that

      - Downloaded the projects off of svn, and directly from an external hardrive to see if it was svn error

      - Deleted all hidden filed within the project folders that may have had machine specific information in them

      -  Started a new project under the same name, manually recreated all the folders and pasted each individual file into them

      - Tested it on multiple devices to see if it was just my phone





      Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm at a total loss, because the projects work on my old computer with Snow Leopard, my friend's computer with Lion, but won't work on mine at all!