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      Hello, currently trialing the software, wondered if it would be possible to have it run in the background, without user intervention, recording their windows session for the period of their machine being switched on ?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi MarkWib and welcome to our community

          If that's your goal, I'm going to say Captivate probably isn't your tool. I'm thinking that you should possibly be looking elsewhere at different software. Perhaps try this link.

          Captivate simply isn't up to the task of recording everything that goes on for an extended period of computer use. I don't believe its competitors are either. The main reason is that these types of applictions are intended to create E-Learning and Demonstrations. These types of outputs are normally fairly brief, lasting anywhere between 5-15 minutes or so. Certainly nothing like eight or so hours of use, as you post might suggest. (unless I am mistaken about what you are wanting to do).

          Hopefully that helps some... Rick
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            MarkWib Level 1
            Brilliant thanks. I figured that would be the case but thought it'd be best to seek expert opinion.