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    Performance issue under GPU rendering


      Hi, this is my first post :-)


      I'm trying to create an app for the New iPad that has a ton of high resolution bitmaps. GPU rendering does a great job at making panning/zooming smooth, however there is always a pretty annoying delay when an image is added to the stage for the first time. After an image has been removed from the stage, adding it right back is smooth, but not after the garbage collector has removed it from the memory. This is weird because it only happens when GPU rendering is enabled... Does anyone know a fix for this issue? Would it be possible to load all the images at once and keep the garbage collector from removing them?

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          I'll forward this along to the iOS team for their review.  If possible, please create a bug report at bugbase.adobe.com and include some sample code so we can see what's going on.  If you'd like to keep your files private, please feel free to email them to me directly at ccampbel@adobe.com.




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            sheley Level 1

            Thanks Chris, I (partially) figured out what the problem was: it didn't actually have anything to do with the garbage collector... it was just the iPad's GPU going into idle mode every 5-7 seconds of inactivity. I did a minor "hack" to solve the issue: since all of my graphics were inside of a container sprite, i wrote a little keepalive method that sets the visibility of the container to false and then immediately back to true every 5 seconds; that got rid of the annoying stutter coming out of idle, but I still have no idea how to avoid the delay when a bitmap is added for the first time.