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    Renders very slow to start, even longer to actually render


      So I upgraded to the new macbook pro with retina display and AE CS6 runs solid as a whole but I am encountering a problem when it comes time to render my comps. I'll send a comp to the render que, adjust my settings for what I need outputted (genreally a ProRes) and then hit render. This is where my problem begins. It can take from 2-10 minutes before I will see any progress started on the render and when the process actually does start, it is painfully slow. If I take the same project into Media Encoder and outut it from there the render happens right away and the render time is acceptable for what I am outputting.  This is also a hit or miss issue, some projects I can render out of AE no problem others massive headaches.  Also complexity of a project doesn't have any bearing either, it just seems like AE is just being picky as to which projects it will render and which it won't.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Hardware: Macbook Pro, Retina mid-2012

      Proc: 2.6Ghz Intel Core i7

      OS: Mac OS X ver 10.7.4

      Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 650M 1024MB

      Memory: 16GB