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    Acrobat’s “Attach to Email” fails due to tooltip behavior???

    Applied CD Level 1
      OK, let me start out by acknowledging that I’m claiming my car won’t start because the bathroom light is on … but here goes:

      I’ve got a menu of PDF’s with icons next to each to open, print, email, or select (for multi-print/email) All of the icons have the tooltip behavior, the only modification being a slight increase in the offset of the tooltip. The tooltips all work fine, the icons all work fine, everything opens, prints, or attaches to emails (via a MAPI behavior I’ve written) as expected … except … if you open a PDF document and select “Attach to Email” from Acro Reader’s file menu, a MAPI email form pops up but hitting send does nothing. Once a particular instance of the reader has been corrupted it can no longer email any PDF, even those opened directly by the OS, however, my own MAPI behavior remains functional and I can still email PDFs directly from the menu … so the corruption appears to be in the reader, not the email client.

      Before you think I’m crazy, I tried a simple test: 2 buttons, one with just the file open behavior, the other with file open + tooltip. The file open only behavior works fine all day long, the file open + tooltip behavior will eventually cause problems with the reader’s email capability … maybe not the first time, but after 5 or 6 tries the problem will eventually surface. Once the problem has surfaced, closing the offending document but leaving the instance of the reader open will cause all subsequent attempts to email to fail when opening the PDF from either button. Closing the reader will restore email if the PDF is opened from the non-tooltip button and we’re back to where we started.

      We have demonstrated the problem with both Acro Reader 8, and Acro 7 Pro on XP Pro. Anyone know what might be happening?