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    Best upgrade to improve performance


      Hi I am creating promtional videos for our schools. http://youtu.be/2UpJQmm6wdY And am about to get some upgrades to my computer and want to know whats the best way to get Premiere to work better - stop jittery playback?


      When using Premiere it sometimes chugs when trying to just preview footage, particularly when i have an extra B-roll footage over the main piece of video. Its not a smooth play back which is frustating when trying to see how a sequence is all coming together.


      Ram --  CPU --  Graphics card -- ???? whats going to be the most effective part in upgrading for better Video Performance/playback in Premiere.


      I usually have about 250gb of video footage in the project i am working on - does that effect the playback???


      also when i import 1920x1080 mp4 footage it chugs in playback too strange! not sure if its just a bad codec thats been used.


      Specs of my mac

      Screen shot 2012-08-30.jpg i have two graphics cards @Screen shot 2012-08-30 .jpg


      Thanks everyone