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    Choppy playback on second display in Ppro CS6 vs nice and smooth good old Final Cut on Mac

    DreamingFilms Level 1

      Hi Everyone. I've started my own editing business for a local TV network in Argentina. I'm on mac, currently editing with a mid 2011 Mac Mini (intel HD300).


      The thing is that I'd love to move to Ppro CS6 since Final Cut is getting old now, but I cannot do it simply because the output to a second monitor is choppy, it pauses, resumes later, doesn't give reliable realtime that we video editors need, specially when showing the final product to my client every week. When editing with only one display, I don't have that issue.


      I'm editing Sony MTS files which are taken perfectly, my sequence is HD (1440 x 1080) and my output is done through my HDMI port of my mac. In good-old-final cut 7 it works perfectly, but I have to transcode those files first. It's not an issue of the MTS files, cause I've tried different types of files and sequences and Ppro always gives me the same results on the secondary display.


      Which leads me to 2 questions:

      - Do I need to have Mercury Playback enabled for a proper secondary output? (I'd have to spend a lot in buying a mac with a compatible GPU card).

      - Am I missing a hardware device for outputs? (which I don't need again, and sorry for this, in good-old-final cut 7).