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    Duplicate css files

    Mad Greg
      Hi, When I open the folder Style sheets there are lots of icons for identical css files there, one for almost every topic it seems. Some of them are not even connected to topics. Is it really necessary to have it like this, or have I done something to cause this? I want to use just one css file, and I can only find one file when I look it up in the file system on the hard disk.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Look in the Unused Files report. That will tell you which CSS files are not in use.

          Maybe Rick's longer knowledge of RH will help here. Wasn't there something back in the ice age whereby a copy of the CSS was put in each folder? Maybe part of a workaround for being able to print all the topics in a book and have the styles remain good. I seem to recall something that had this effect.

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            Mad Greg Level 1
            Thanks for the tip, but I couldn't verify it, because for some time now I can just see one css file in the folder. Sorry for not replying until now. I don't know what I did to remove the duplicates though. The css file itself was not duplicated, if I recall correctly. The duplicates were only visible in the tree view pane. /Greger