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    CS6 Installation Nightmare


      I upgraded to CS6 and after installation on my computer, it works for a day, then i get a pop-up saying I have a trial. I have uninstalled 4 times.


      Adobe has uninstalled and reinstalled with remote access.


      I have followed every instruction given by Adobe and Dell, had  a total of three remote accesses to my computer. 1 Adobe and two Dell


      Hve been told to make myself the adminstrator,...I am.


      Given instructions to make myself the admistrator on CS6, did that.


      Got a new firewall because Dell said I had a virus causing my problem ($250 for their help and new firewall $139)....same result the next day.....


      have been given instructions to change the name of files of some of common files.....that didn't work.


      I am tired of "chatting" --it takes hours and I end up with the same result. I have updated my open case and have been told to respond back which I will do tomorrow, but how  much more time I am willing in invest is quickly coming to and end. 


        Granted I am not an expert, but have had other expert help here. He has been dumfounded by this process also.