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    Camera rotation and movement

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      I've been working on a project where I need to view a very wide movie clip. It will be on a touch screen, and the user will swipe back and forth to see it all, since it is wider than the stage. However, I need to rotate the camera a bit in the x axis, then move the camera back and forth on the x axis, giving the impression of the movie clip going through 3d space. It will also feel like swiping on an iPhone, with that smooth kinetic scrolling.


      Think of walking parallel to a wall, facing the wall at an angle. That's the intended effect.


      It seems like this can only be accomplished with a 3d engine (stage3d, away3d, etc.). The timeline tools work great for this (3d rotation and 3d translation), but this has to happen with AS3, dynamically, since the user will be controlling the movement.


      Any thoughts on this? Is a 3d engine the way to go, or am I missing something simple?


      Thanks for any help!