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    Basic install question for Flex on CF 7.02

      I've been trying to get Flex working on CF 7.02 and I'm reading very different and conflicting stories.
      Firstly I have CF 7 running on 2003, and then installed the updates for7.01 and then 7.02 .
      I installed as a single server instance.

      Reading here, I just need 7.02 and I should be fine

      This here tells something completely different, with lots of config files

      What is most annoying is that I had it working on a local server and it was fine. But this was installed over a year ago, and I don't have a steps taken that made it work. That server is now being used for something else.

      I don't know if I need the FDS or Lifecycle to be installed as everything I read says FDS is part of CF.

      I have also read that FDS express can be downloaded and run on a Java server, and that it doesn't need cF, but this in not the solution to my problem..

      To summerize:-
      I need to get Flex apps running on CF 7.02 in a production environment.
      Do i need do install anymore than CF, if so how much does it cost?

      I'm not a CF programmer, and don't know much about it, I usually deal with MS stuff

      Thanks very much