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    Licence issues!


      Can I get my account reset due to the fact that I keep getting told that I have too many devices authorised when I know I only have 3!

      It is impossible to contact adobe any other way than through here!!!! and I am getting so pissed about this...

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          The issue may not be the number of devices you have, but the number of

          times that they've been authorized.  Multiple authorizations happen when

          the device asks to be authorized again, or Digital Editions determines that

          it has to be authorized again.  Most of the time, you won't see this

          activity.  Yes, it's a PITA, and probably bad design, but remember that the

          product is free, and ADE software was developed a long time ago, under

          different conditions than we have now


          Arpit Kapoor posted yesterday with a way to notify Adobe of the issue you

          face and have your activation counter reset(you can search the Forum for

          his post).  He said:  "Simply, remember that Adobe does not provide phone

          support for Digital Editions. To request support you must go to

          http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and click on the "Get Support"

          link to open a Web based support request."



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            dragon1309 Level 1

            I saw that post, and have tried that link several times....

            The only places I get directed to is this site, FAQ or live chat which can't help me.

            In frustration I posted here, hoping someone from support will actually look at this and help!

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              That post was by an Adobe employee.  If it ain't working, then we're all