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    Too Many Activations?




      I just wanted to authorize a new e-book-reader with adobe digital editions, but it failed several times. I’ve read that there could only be six readers authorized with one adobe-id – that could be part of my problem - but that’s possible to unlock more. The hotline number and emails don’t work well with that problem, I’ve heard, so could anyone help me, please?

      Thanks for helping answers.


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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          You've left out some information that makes a huge difference in responding

          to you.


          First, how many devices have you authorized so far?  Next, what kind/type

          of ereader are you trying to authorize? (Check the list of supported

          devices posted HERE<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>


          make sure that the ereader is on the list.  Third, if all of this checks

          out, then have you registered the ereader with its

          manufacturer/distributor?  That's needed before ADE will recognize it.


          Finally, if you want support from Adobe for Digital Editions, remember that

          Adobe does not provide *phone *support for Digital Editions. To request

          support you must go to http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions and

          click on the "Get Support" link to open a Web based support

          request. According to an Adobe employee, your request will be processed




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            dietrompete Level 1

            Thanks for the answer.


            I have authorized six devices so far and I read somewhere that it should be the maximum. I am trying to authorize a KOBO ereader and i thought that there should not be any problems with this because i already authorized an other one of this type.

            I know that there is no phone support for ADE but  i cannot find the "get support" link at the link you have given me. Is the "contact support" link the right one?

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Arpit Kapoor corrected himself, and gave us more information in a reply to

              another post on this issue:


              "Sorry Guys. My Bad.

              The "Get Support" link has been changed with "Contact Support" and you can

              chat with our support agent, regarding such issues. Click on the link, fill

              in the online form and select Adobe Digital Editions under Product.

              Our chat representatives can provide a personalized experience to resolve

              the issue you have described."