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    Image scrolling

    DBarranca Level 4


      I've a modal ScriptUI dialog with buttons that zoom in and zoom out using this kind of code:


      var s2t= function (s) { return app.stringIDToTypeID(s) }
      var zoomIn= function() {
        var d, r;
        d = new ActionDescriptor();
        r = new ActionReference();
        r.putEnumerated(s2t('menuItemClass'), s2t('menuItemType'), s2t('zoomIn'));
        d.putReference(s2t('target'), r);
        executeAction(s2t('select'), d, DialogModes.NO);
        return app.refresh();


      Now, my problem is that I can't pan the image - the window is modal. Is there a way to implement such a control via script (scroll-left, scroll-right, etc)?

      Thanks in advance,



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          DBarranca Level 4

          I bump my own topic after 2 years - has anybody found a way to center the image's view on PS CC2014?

          Thank you!


          Davide Barranca




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            Pedro Cortez Marques Level 3

            Hi David


            I have manage to have results only on windows7 regarding the LEFT<>RIGHT scroll (with some limitations)

            I imagine there is also on OSX some kind of key behavior to do the same


            Hope it helps.


            // tested vbscript below on windows7
            // fit on Screen center
            app.runMenuItem(app.stringIDToTypeID ("fitOnScreen"));
            // after read the % of zoom when is fitOnScreen it assumes this is your 100%, and now you can set the new zoom
            setZoomLevel( getZoomLevel(), 152); // for example 112 will be 112% (if related to 100% = fitToScreen)
            // how to drag image over scrool
            // with some limitations, I have tested successfully to use vbscript on PC Windows7
            var vbsTemp = File(Folder.temp +"/vbsTemp.vbs"); // creates a bat file at temp folder
            vbsTemp.writeln('Dim appRef, WshShell');
            vbsTemp.writeln('Set appRef = CreateObject("Photoshop.Application")');
            vbsTemp.writeln('appRef.visible = true');
            vbsTemp.writeln('Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")');
            vbsTemp.writeln('WScript.Sleep 400');
            // choose one or more of this ( For SHIFT prefix with +  ||  For CTRL  prefix with ^  ||  For ALT   prefix with % )
            //~ vbsTemp.writeln('WshShell.SendKeys("{HOME}")'); // inside image TOP CENTER
            //~ vbsTemp.writeln('WshShell.SendKeys("{END}")'); // inside image BOTTOM CENTER
            //~ vbsTemp.writeln('WshShell.SendKeys("{PGDN}")'); // BOTTOM direction [until out-bound limit] (major steps) the total of keys needed depends on the amount of hidden image (zoom related)
            //~ vbsTemp.writeln('WshShell.SendKeys("{PGUP}")'); // TOP direction [until out-bound limit] (major steps) total of keys needed depends on the amount of hidden image (zoom related)
            //~ vbsTemp.writeln('WshShell.SendKeys("^{PGUP}")'); // activates the scrool drag right (major steps) =  CTRL+{PGUP}
            //~ vbsTemp.writeln('WshShell.SendKeys("^{PGDN}")'); // activates the scrool drag left  (major steps) = CTRL+{PGDN}
            vbsTemp.writeln('WshShell.SendKeys("^+{PGUP 32}")'); // minor steps scrool drag right {PGUP [number of minor steps to drag]} =  CTRL+Shift+{PGUP}  x N times
            //~ vbsTemp.writeln('WshShell.SendKeys("^+{PGDN 32}")'); // minor steps scrool drag left {PGDN [number of minor steps to drag]} =  CTRL+Shift+{PGDN}  x N times
            function getZoomLevel(){
            var ref = new ActionReference();
            ref.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID("Dcmn"), charIDToTypeID("Ordn"), charIDToTypeID("Trgt") );
            var desc = executeActionGet(ref);
            return Number(desc.getDouble(stringIDToTypeID('zoom'))*100).toFixed(1);
            function setZoomLevel( getZoomLevelValue , percent ) {
                zoom = getZoomLevelValue * (percent/100);
                if(zoom < 1 ) zoom =1;
               var ref = new ActionReference();
               ref.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID("capp"), charIDToTypeID("Ordn"), charIDToTypeID("Trgt") );
               var getScrRes = executeActionGet(ref).getObjectValue(stringIDToTypeID('unitsPrefs')).getUnitDoubleValue(stringIDToTypeID('newDocPresetScreenResolution'))/72;
               var docRes = activeDocument.resolution;
               activeDocument.resizeImage( undefined, undefined, getScrRes/(zoom/100), ResampleMethod.NONE );
               var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
               ref = null;
               ref = new ActionReference();
               ref.putEnumerated( charIDToTypeID( "Mn  " ), charIDToTypeID( "MnIt" ), charIDToTypeID( 'PrnS' ) );
               desc.putReference( charIDToTypeID( "null" ), ref );
               executeAction( charIDToTypeID( "slct" ), desc, DialogModes.NO );
               activeDocument.resizeImage( undefined, undefined, docRes, ResampleMethod.NONE );