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    Embedding swf into Flex Desktop Application size/scale problem.




      I am embedding an swf animation into my desktop Flex desktop application. I am using SDK 4.6.0. I use the SWFLoader to embed the animation:


      <s:SWFLoader source="img/mch_anim_1.swf"/>


      When I run the application, the animation is loaded and is working, but when I try to maximize the window there is a size/scale bug that happens. The screen  stays half-side maximized (maximized to the top, bottom and stays until the middle of the screen by side).


      I've published the SWF for Flash Player 8 and Actionscript 2 just to test and there was no problem with the size/scale, but I need to use Actionscript 3.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance,