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    8 x full hd screens, possible?




      Does any of you know what the max resolution for a Air/flash application is? I have been asked if I can develop a rather simple app to be run on a pc with 8 Video outputs, stretching over 8 fullHD screens. So the needed resolution of the app will be 15360 (8x1920) X 1080.

      Is it posible?


      Best regards, Per

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          adobe_paul Adobe Employee

          As of Flash Player 10/AIR 2.0 (I think) the maximum size of a SWF stage (which is the root content of an AIR window) is 4050 x 4050 pixels:



          The only possible workaround for your case would be to create multiple windows for your app and position them on separate monitors. (You'd obviously want chromeless windows in that case.) I assume you'd want it to appear that the app is seamless across all the monitors, so it would obviously be complex to coordinate that across multiple AIR windows.


          It's possible (though not likely) that this has changed since that article was published. I've posted this question to the Flash Runtime engineers and if I get any different information I'll add a corrected reply.


          Paul Robertson

          Adobe Developer Relations

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            adobe_paul Adobe Employee

            I got a bit more information from the engineering team.


            For normal content the limits I mentioned are correct.


            However, for Stage3D content, the limits are more restrictive:


            The max backbuffer size for Stage3D on desktop is 16384, if the hardware supports it. The guaranteed max size is 2048 -- that is, if hardware doesn't support at least 2048 Stage3D will run in software mode and be limited to 2048 there.