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    BEX Exception with NetStream

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      We have a flex component, which need to simultaneously stream upto 16 CCTV camera streams. We are using  a Media Server(Wowza) to convert the RTSP stream to RTMP and display in flex.


      Initially we tried the video display component, available with the flex framework..but when we were streaming more streams the application hanged and the PC monitor started to flicker. because some of the camera's will be not reachable in our deployment


      Hence we removed the videodisplay component and wrote our own custom classes and add the video component at run-time. We are creating a single netconnection object and multiple netstream objects(one per CCTV/surveillance camera stream).


      video = new Video(videoWidth, videoHeight);

      video.name = "camerafeed";




      But after a while we are getting BEX (Buffer Overflow Exception)..


      Appreciate if somebody can explain the maximum limit of the video component and the limits for the number of netstreams that can be created in one netconnection?.


      Why is the VideoDisplay Flex component not able to switch between multiple camera's and display multiple streams?


      Our PC is windows 7, having AMD Radeon H6650 graphics card.