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    Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed

    Enrique1972 Level 1

      I am using an HP Desktop computer:

      - 24 GBs RAM

      - Quad Core i7

      - NVIDIA GTX-580 GPU

      - Windows 7 Professional


      I have Master Collection CS6 and I'm not sure if Dynamic Link ever worked properly for me. But I am experiencing 2 issues:


      1). When I use Media Encoder, I want to use "File" > "Add After Effects Composition..." or "Premiere Pro Sequence..." and can't progress further. When I try to bring in the Premiere Pro sequence, I get a loading bar, but it never loads the sequence. When I try to bring in the After Effects composition, I get the message "Connecting to the Dynamic Link server failed."


      2). When I open a squence in Premiere Pro that has a clip that is Dynamically Linked to After Effects, the clip will show in the timeline as media not found or available. I have to try and relink it to make it work. This would be a huge hassell if I have many clips that are dynamically linked.


      I have tried virus scans, reinstalling the software and checking to make sure the firewall is not blocking the Adobe protocols. Nothing seems to work. I unfortunately have never been able to use Dynamic Link until I got a computer that was speedy enough that would allow me to run Premiere and After Effects at the smae time! :-) Is anyone else having this issue and is there a solution?


      Here are some screen shots:

      loading.jpg  failed.jpg

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          Enrique1972 Level 1

          Adobe should know whether this is working or not by now. One of the main reasons I went with Adobe as my editing software was the dynamic link. If it is a bug or defect, they need to post an update/fix quickly. I have a project I want to work on that DL would fit nicely into the workflow.


          Has anyone else ran across this issue? Is there a solution? I will try to call Adobe tech support today and see what they have to say - no matter how long I may be on hold.

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            Jeff Bellune Level 5

            If you haven't yet, please try deactivating your Adobe software, rebooting, then launching and re-activating the Master Collection.  That procedure has fixed licensing issues that affected presets and codecs; it may help reset the dynamic link stuff.



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              Enrique1972 Level 1

              Thanks Jeff. I tried it and it did not work. The only other thing I will try before calling Adobe today will be to create a new user account and see if it works on that account. If not - then I know the issue may be something I can't fix on my end. Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?

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                Enrique1972 Level 1

                Well I tried creating a new user account on my workstation. I used Media Encoder CS6 and it worked just fine. So the other features of Dynamic Link I expect should work just fine. I really don't want to go through backing up everthing and then doing a fresh install on everything. I have so much stuff on the machine. Anyone know how I can correct this issue within "my original" account?

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  On a Windows box, you can reset your preferences and plug-in cache by holding down Alt+Shift while launching Pr, and holding them until the Welcome screen appears.  "Trashing your prefs" is roughly equivalent to creating a new user account.  Maybe worth a try holding Opt+Shift on the Mac?



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                    Enrique1972 Level 1

                    I will try that too, Jeff. I just spent 98 minutes on the phone with tech support and his only recommendation to me was to just use the new Windows Account I setup instead of my main account. But, I will have SOOOO much stuff to migrate over. After about 45 minutes on the phone I started feeling like there was not going to be a solution being that I was transferred from one tech guy to another. So right now I am doing a full reinstall of CS6. I uninstalled everything that is CS6 and now putting back on. I will try your suggestion Jeff and hope all works well with that. Wish me luck!

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                      Enrique1972 Level 1

                      Well, I bit the bullet and did a system recovery and set the workstation back to how it was when I first turned it on. And a few things that didn't seem to work right with the system works properly now. So maybe once the fresh install of CS6 is finished - I should be back in the game.

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                        Enrique1972 Level 1

                        This is how I fixed my issue of the dynamic link server failing. I had did the system recovery and then installed my software one at a time. And then realized - "Constant Guard" from Comcast was killing the connection! I uninstalled Constant Guard and now I am able to usse dynamic link without issue.


                        The other issue I had placed into another part of the forum about "Having to login as Admin to use Premiere Pro or Prelude" is also fixed. Once Constant Guard was deleted, I could then simply click the program icon and use the software instead of getting the error message about updating software drivers. Before, I had to right-click the icon and select "run as Admin" to use Premiere Pro.

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                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                          Many of the Internet Security Solutions out today stop the network services required for Dynamic Linking to work. Unless an editor feels the protection is required for Web Surfing habits, editors may want to avoid this. The 2 Internet Security Solutions out that so far have not caused this issue with Dynamic Linking are ESet and Trend Micro.




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                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                            No issues so far with Webroot, either.



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                              JonOfAllGames Level 1

                              I've been searching/troubleshooting for days, none of the firewall, new shortcuts in folder, antivirus, you name it I tried it even wiped my system which seemed to work at first..


                              What did it for me in the end was I had Dxtory (a software recorder, for recording gameplay) running on startup, and somehow it interfered with only Premiere projects in Media Encoder, I could still import AE projects go figure.


                              Check all the programs you have running or use sometimes, if they have some sort of hook into other programs/deal with video/codecs this could be your problem too!


                              Thanks to everyone trying to solve this problem!



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                                superboychao Level 1

                                I guess the easiest way is to find the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\adobe\dynamiclink and set the file dynamiclinkmanager.exe as "Run As Administrator"  and then set your AfterFX.exe as "Run As Administrator", that would solve the problem

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                                  maxiaznarez Level 1

                                  hi, is there a solution for Dynamic Link between AE and PR for macOS? Is really annoying to work each composition separately... I spend my life rendering!

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