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    Importing from a DVD into Premiere CS6 and MPG files.

    Andrew_S Level 3

      HI I'm new to this forum and to CS6. I'm well versed in CS3 Premiere and other earlier versions.


      I have a problem importing the VOB files from a DVD into Premiere CS6. I copied the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD onto my hard drive and successfully imported the 3 VOB files that made up the 1 hour video. Upon placing them into a sequence (720 x 576 25fps DV PAL to match the DVD) I found that when I played over a join between the VOB files, the picture and sound briefly broke up. Is this normal? There is no encryption on the DVD.


      I then used MPEG Streamclip to convert the DVD to a MPG2 with MP2 audio file (thereby avoiding a decode and the subsequent recode when I encode the edited version, I.E. DVD is MPEG2 so I want to extract the video with the minimum of processing.) I tried to import this into Premiere but after it thought about it for a while, the resulting icon in the Project Window indicated that the file was not usable. Indeed it was not. I deleted it...... and then imported it again. It worked! This is not just a one-off occurrence. Any thoughts?


      Premiere is fully updated along with all the other programs in CS6. Using Windows 7 64 bit.


      bye Andrew