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    Question regarding "SaveDocsAsPDF" script adjustment

    joudenaarde Level 1

      Hello Scriptkiddies and Adobe guru's :-)


      Quite a while ago I obtained a script from this forum where someone adjusted some settings from the standard-included "SaveDocsAsPDF" script from Illustrator CS5, but I'm running into a few issues that I can't fix myself… I'm not a scripter unfortunately :-)


      The customized script currently converts a folder with AI files to PDF's with the "Smallest Filesize" setting. But there are 2 things I'm looking to include, and I'm hoping anyone here could help me out:


      - The produced PDF's are about 4 times as big as the PDF's that Acrobat Distiller produces with the same (standard) setting. I have no idea why this happens, but if someone has an enlightening idea or suggestion on how to make the script produce the smaller type of PDF's that Distiller manages to output, I would be forever grateful!


      - The second, and definitely the most important change I'm looking for, is that I would love to have an action included in the script where the script converts all text to outlines before creating the PDF… while not overwriting the current AI-file (which it already doesn't do). The issue is that a lot of our clients don't have the fonts that we at work use (some of which have PDF issues), so a PDF where the fonts have been outlined would solve that problem immediately.


      Is there anyone here who would be willing to help me out with this particular problem perhaps? I sometimes have 50+ PDF's to make, so this action is really a sanity-saver for me