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    Twixtor VS Twixtor PRO

    Pierre Devereux Level 2



      Is it worth getting a license for standard Twixtor - for a lot of slow motion work, as almost all our character shots will need to be slowed down some, or do we bite the bullet and go Twixtor Pro?




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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          There ought to be a feature comparison between the two online at the re:vision web site.  I'd check it out. 

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            Pierre Devereux Level 2

            Hi Dave,


            I am afraid that I posted the question out of ignorance! :-)


            I have read the comparison, but I am not sure exactly what the differences are reffering to. I am just concerned that if we buy the Pro version, we will be getting some great additions, that we will never use. What we will be doing, is purely slowing down and speeding up (slightly - but more than our camera can supply) green screen footage of our characters. Pretty much every shot of the characters will require some slight movement that we will be doing some time work on.


            There are four extra features in the Pro version:


            1) Object separation


            All of our characters will be shot seperately, and more than likely never in set, so I assume this feature will not be needed


            2) Track Point Guidance


            I assume this is for serious time manipulation, where heavy calculations between pixels are required.


            3) Spline Guidance


            It seems that this is if there are terrible problems with Twixtor, you can hand correct the movements.


            4) Motion Vector imports and exports


            To be able to use motion vectors from external 3D programs



            So, I see the differences, but in my ignorance of what they actually mean, I am afraid I am going to jump to the wrong assumptions. For those out there that have used Twixtor extensively, since I cannot even properly define the extra features, and we wont be using any 3D graphics programs, as all footage will be "live" would it make sense to say that the standard version would be sufficient for minor time manipulation the characters?


            Of course - I wont hold anyone responsible for my decision :-)  - i would just like to hear some of the real-world experience with the software.


            Thanks guys


            Pierre Devereux

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you're going to be doing a bunch of slow mo work on live footage I'd seriously explore the option of buying a camera that can record at higher frame rates. If this is a professional production then may be able to save enough time in post to easily pay for a camera. 200fps would be plenty for most minature work.


              There is actually a table for frame rates used in filming miniatures. The frame rate depends on the scale. You might look for that.


              If you're on a serious budget then I'd use that as my first consideration. Time is money and we often spend more time than we should on projects and end up as starving artists.


              The pro features in Twixtor help with some difficult shots but careful filming and planning are always more efficient than fixing in post. Whether or not you need these extra features depends entirely on what the shots look like. An example of one of your shots would tell us more. If you've got the money I'd go for the pro version. If you're tight then I'd do more careful planning for your shots.

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                Pierre Devereux Level 2

                Hi Rick,


                I believe the table states:


                square root of (D) divided by (d) X 24 where (D)=Dimensions of full scale and (d)=dimensions of miniature.


                Our budget is rather limited, and we have just bought the Panasonic AF101, I dont think we will be able to get another camera anytime soon. I agree with the statement, "Whatever we can do through careful planning rather than post" is too true! The time remapping that I am interrested in, is very subtle. it is a specific "look" and "Feel" that we are going for, but are still in the testing phase anyway.


                I appreciate the feedback though, and so far, I am thinking to take the chance with the standard version for now. Thankfully, our toughest shot for the first complete leg of our project, will be characers, strung up in various harnesses and such, in front of a green screen. if we can smoothly slow the movements down or speed them up - "just enough" (I love that target!) we should be fine for now.


                well, have a great weekend all - next week I tackle the Gamma issue i have been reading up on all day.