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    Locked .chm file

    Mad Greg
      Why isn't it possible to delete or copy another and replace a .chm file, not even after I've closed RoboHelp? I get an error message that the file is locked. This occurred in the subfolder under the !SSL! folder. But it didn't help to move the file to another folder. Is there a lingering RH process that stops me from removing it? I have to restart the computer before I can remove the file. Has anyone noticed this before? At one time I got a different message saying something about a "user section" still being open.
      Best regards, Greger
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          So long as RH has finished with the file you should be able to do whatever you want with it. There are no special RH rules. It works just the same in Windows with other files.

          Is it just one CHM that is affected? If so, did the project compile properly (i.e. with no errors). The other thing you can check is whether you have the Windows permission required. Right click on the file, select Properties and click on the Security tab (in XP). Ensure all the required permissions are ticked.