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    Problem with caption below image

    Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

      I have a text with some images, where the text wraps around the images.  I use bottom offset to allow space for a text frame with a caption below.


      This worked fine with the first image, (see above) but when I try to do it with other images, the text won't show, and there's a red plus sign for overset text. Clicking the plus sign gives me a new text frame the size of the entire column with the text alignment set to top, even though it was set to center for the original caption text frame. (see below)

      Captin 2.jpg

      I have also tried using Indesign's own Caption feature, which does not work etiher. (images are all scans with no metadata) And I can't figure out what I did right the first time ...

      Using CS 5.5, win xp pro sp3.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          In the text frame options for your caption frame check the Ignore Text Wrap box.


          You either want to uave enough wrap on the image to push the main text away and leave space for the caption, in which case the caption rame must ignore the wrap, or you want no wrap on the bottom and you will apply a wrap to the caption frame as well. I tend to use the second method as it allows the caption to vary in the number of lines used and adjust the amount the nai text is pushed automatically. You can add the wrap, or ignore it, as part of an object style you use for caption frames.

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            Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

            Thank you so much Peter - you made my day!