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    Parse error downloading Overdrive


      I have a Pandigital Novel eReader. I have been trying to install overdrive on it so that I can view ebooks from the library on it. When I try to open the download link it says "There is a problem parsing the package". I have allowed installation of non-market applications.


      When I try to transfer files via usb through ADE I go to PD_Novel folder - Digital Editions - the books are there as .epub but I can't open them. It asks open as text/audio/video/image - text options are ES Note Editor/ HTML Viewer/ OfficeSuite but none of them open the file as more than text code gibberish.


      Any suggestions?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          For starters, we can't help you with your Overdrive issues.  But I would

          say that I'm not sure you have to download Overdrive on the Pandigital in

          order to read ebooks on it.  If you check the list of devices supported by

          Digital Editions


          it does not say that the Novel needs anything to read ebooks.


          Next, file transfer via USB to ADE.  The way you phrase the problems you're

          having makes me conclude that you can't read the ebook in .dpub format on

          the Novel.  If not, and you didn't use ADE to transfer the ebook to the

          Novel, it's quite possible that the data in the file is corrupt now, and

          that's why it's not coming up.


          Assuming that you have the Novel hooked up and on-line, you can try to

          transfer the ebooks by using ADE's 'Add To Library' function.  Just start

          that process and point to the Pandigital file when asked where the ebook

          is.  IF - and it's a big 'if' - this works, then it's the Novel that's

          messed up, and the ebook is fine.