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    Problem - A4 double page spread printing to one A4 sheet


      I hope someone will be able to help, I imagine there is a simple solution but I'm struggling!


      I'm producing a double page spread (I think this is the correct term) which consists of two portait A4 sheets side by side. The two sheets are intended to be viewed as one A3 with no images overlaping the 'spine'. The pdf is intended to be viewed online but also have the ability to be printed off.


      The problem I'm experiencing is that when I print it, the front cover (which I'm not using and is left blank) is printed as an A4 portrait, however the next two A4 portrait pages have been shrunk to both fit on an A4 landscape page.


      How do I set it up so that the pdf is set so that when someone opens it the default view is the two A4 portrait sheets side by side to make an A3 but when they print it, it automatically prints the A4 portrait pages individually without any shrinkage?


      Please note this document is not a book, the printed sheets will be pinned on the wall as part of a presentation


      Thanks in advance for your help