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    PDF/A problems in X


      I have been trying to save pdfs in the archival version (PDF/A 1b) and made the mistake of upgrading to Adobe X.  Every time I try to form a PDF/A, it gives me an error that says the CIDset in subset font is incomplete (running preflight).  I am quickly out of my element with these embedded fonts in PDF, but they are common fonts. I’ve tried searching the internet and Adobe sites for my problem, and nothing is coming up.  I had no problem with this in 9 Pro (Windows), nor on my MAC at home.  I have no idea if this is the product, my company network, or my computer, but it is driving me crazy.  Any help out there?

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          It's not the products you are using to make PDFA nor the fonts but the software making the PDF. This is complex but the PDFA rules are precise and Acrobat must follow them, even if the rules drive us crazy. ANd, worse, there's nothing wrong with the original software unless it claims to make PDFA.

          SO Acrobat X follows the rules more strictly, and this is important for the long term future of your documents. If anything is broken it is the old preflight.


          None of this helps you much. How are the files made?

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            Fotranman Level 1

            I just do a "save as" and specify pdf/a 1b on a born digital document.  Never was a problem with Adobe before X.  I can't run software not in the corporate software library, so Adobe has to be it.  I've never asked them to downgrade, but this might be a first.  Adobe X certainly claims to be able to produce a PDF/A, and if Adobe cannot do it, I have to wonder if this is really a reasonable archival format to adopt.